Raggie in the Ring


A new children’s book by Lisa Loeb

Raggie in the Ring is a charming children’s book that will capture the fancy of children as well as adults. With gorgeous color photographs, the story takes place at the world famous Devin horse show. We follow six year old Abby as she determines her goal.  Join us and find out how she pursues her dream.

Ambassador Dogs

Best friends for life

Lisa - book41+MRASaWPL._SY300_Immersed in animals for most of my life I saw an opportunity to use my unique experience as “an extreme dog lover,” to present an entertaining and informative photo essay to the public. I traveled throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia to the countryside and the counties of Chester, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery with camera in hand. My journalism background helped and I am not shy, but I relied mostly on Laina book-smallmy gut to tell me who to approach. I believe dogs pick up on our energy and I have always tuned into this.The stories included in this book come from a variety of settings, some well-established facilities, rescue, therapy, protection,  education, and some from my neighborhood or just chance meetings on the street. All of the dogs are ambassador dogs who help humans at one or more levels, emotionally, intellectually and physically.
Lisa’s Daughter Laina gives Ambassador Dogs an A Rating.


Wanna Taste?

Cooking With Love

“Perfect” I thought when I noticed that my neighbors setting up at the Health Fair were none other than the well-known Carlino’s Foods. As Nick Carlino arranged a gorgeous spread of salads and desserts on the long table. I introduced myself. ” Hi I’m Lisa Loeb and I love your foods,” I ventured. He returned my smile and, within minutes, we were chatting like old “paisanos”. We soon discovered connections (beyond my fondness for his food) that would lead us down a shared path. I had recently fulfilled a life-long dream of touring Italy and had written an article about it for the Philadelphia Inquirer.                             

Click here to read excerpts from my book  Nick desired to write a memoir about his grandmother, the founder of Carlino’s Gourmet Foods. It was to be a book of memories and of recipes of the Italian foods she had prepared for many years. His idea for the book as a tribute to his grandmother resonated with me. It took me back to my childhood and a person who had played a similarly important role in my development. We discussed the project and Nick soon gave me the thumbs up to begin interviewing his family and collecting stories for a new book that I would write. Wanna Taste? Stories and Recipes from Mama Carlino’s Kitchen, is the product of many delightful hours interviewing members of the Carlino family and gathering the recipes that made the family famous. It is available at the two Carlino stores in the area. Click here to get more information on the Carlino’s website..

Top photograph by Weld Photography